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This website is free to use for all. The best way to support it is to share it with anyone who wants to make a difference but doesn’t know where to begin. I’ve copied in direct links to a few charities that are doing awesome work too. Alternatively you can support this site and its hosting costs, I could plant trees too 🙂

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For the futurists out there, this one’s for you:
BTC¹: bc1qflkl7l9cy5s2kfgkex2kztqn06v0zcfgkg5ux4
ETH²: 0x71932A9E8252a62D89b3b60b766F1d84103DECc2
DOT³: 12cubPTtQpsTrW6sVY7fbGBacniBqZjc4SSmcytT66eQGoR2

¹ – Lightning adoption reduces energy usage. The network today is secured by an increasing level of renewable energy, and driving further investment into green energy .
² – Ethereum 2.0 reduces energy usage by shifting to a PoS model
³ – Polkadot currently utilises an efficient NPoS model